Rian Jenkins

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A Queen’s Heart, Poetry Anthology Vol 1

A Queen's Heart is the introductory anthology of poems from renowned poet and literature enthusiast, Rian N. Jenkins. Travel alongside her as she shares her thoughts, matters of the heart, and doorways to her most vulnerable moments from spirituality, family, self-affirming wisdom, society, and culture. Rian covers it all!

A Queen’s Anthem, Poetry Anthology, Vol 2


A queen can effectively reign and dominate when she knows who she is and who she belongs to. The power of the tongue speaks life and death, so it is imperative for queens to speak truth about their existence and purpose.

A Queen’s

(A Queen's Anthem and A Queen's Heart)

Reverse, Reverse Novel Series Book One

Releases fall/winter 2023

Best friends from the womb. Corny but a true statement that accurately describes Monica and Donovan’s friendship. From playdates, birthday parties, vacations, they are countless pictures of the two and their families. There has always been a glimmer in Donovan Brown’s eyes for Monica James. When he finally admits to her how he really feels about her, Monica turns him down for the sake of their friendship. However, once they begin attending the same junior high school, Monica wonders if she made a mistake. Will Monica James finally give Donovan Brown the answer he has been waiting for since fourth grade or will the drama of her father keep her from making his wish come true?

Luke Brown

Releases 2024

Luke Brown, book one of College Years Novel Series Ava Grayson was supposed to only indulge in Luke Bernard’s trance for a moment. Those big brown eyes weren’t supposed to have a lingering effect on her heart. Things finally seemed to be moving forward with her long time crush and new boyfriend Nate, but why is she secretly dreaming about Luke’s smooth chocolate skin and brown eyes? To add to the confusion, Ava’s best friends’ loyalty is tested once again by Ava’s inability to see she has fallen for the wrong one. Along with struggling to maintain her GPA, freshman year isn’t supposed to be so complicated. It will soon prove to be the most complex and difficult time of Ava’s life.