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Rian N. Jenkins’ has been in love with writing since sixth grade. Close to thirty years, she has inspired, entertained, and educated many through poetry, novellas, journalism, and performances. Finally, she can add author to her resume.

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Rian N. Jenkins

The love of writing lived with Rian N. Jenkins since she was a sixth grader. Unlike youth trends that would come and go, she never outgrew her passion for the pen. What started as a novice level, “Roses are red, violets are blue” poems, evolved into advanced poems laced with stories about love, friendship, and social injustices. After reaching the seventh grade, her writing progressed, and short stories decked with drama and trivial adolescent mishaps became her niche. Whether it was short stories or poems, it was safe to say that storytelling was in Rian’s blood. 

 Passed down from generations before her, the art of verbally crafting stories to perfection came effortlessly for Rian. Her grandmothers would induce intrigue from her young ears as she sat at their feet to hear stories full of wisdom and foresight. Her mother, an educator and curator of words, taught her how to paint the stories on paper. For Rian, inspiring others extends beyond paper and pen. 

As a poet, she has evolved into a spoken word artist who has performed at numerous events and venues starting with events on Winthrop University’s campus. Later, she adopted the nickname Anointed Misfit, which explains her motto: she is purposed by God to speak words that edify, motivate while tearing down myths that will prohibit anyone from living their best self. 

As a Ridge View High School student, she participated in the yearbook staff, guest writer for the school newspaper, school anthology, newspaper staff encompassing local high school students, and ran track. Initially, she went to Winthrop University to take her love for writing within journalism to another level. As a result of volunteering at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club in Rock Hill, SC and working with the youth of her church, First Northeast Baptist Church, her birthright to mold tomorrow’s future was awakened. She changed her major to English and later pursued a teaching career in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools after graduating.  

Although she spent most of her eighteenth teaching career as an ELA middle school teacher, she is currently an AVID elective teacher and coordinator. During her teaching career, she has facilitated multiple writing workshops with her students, summer camps, and guest speaking appearances.

 While teaching, she developed a love for mentoring young ladies, which has grown into a school mentoring program, ROSES (Respecting OurSelves and Each Other through Sisterhood).  The program helps females matriculate through middle school and eventually high school.  They seek to create leaders of today who strive to maximize their potential, which includes academic excellence and community service.  She is the CEO, program director, and mentor who plans out the yearly calendar and leads the sessions with the young ladies. 

In her spare time, she loves rocking garnet and gold for her Florida State Seminoles during football season, and her Carolina Blue during basketball season. When she’s not thrifting, our knee-deep in young adult lit, she is sharing with her students and the world via YouTube. While she is committed to changing and impacting lives, she is most proud of the one she created- her young king, Joshua. 


Featured Poet at  Metro Spoken Word @ MYNT

Thursday, July 15, 2021

 7 – 10 PM


2732 Decker BLVD, Columbia, SC

Tuesday Night Musician Hang (#TNMH)

Featured Artist at Restricted Bistro Bar & Lounge

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Show starts at 7:30 PM

5024 Two Notch Road



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